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What you should know about Separation and Divorce

What is the difference between Separation and Divorce? Separation refers to you living separately and apart from your spouse. You are still legally married. (Once you and your spouse decide to separate, you can move forward with the mediation process.) To simplify the separation process includes the following: Living separate and apart for one year

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What is the Clarity Approach?

Clarity is here to help simplify things for you—and hopefully, remove some of your burden. Our mediation specialists offer support and guidance including: Helping you understand your legal rights and responsibilities Developing legal agreements (regarding custody, division of assets, and more) Filing paperwork on your behalf Identifying ways you and your spouse can both move

Getting Through the Holidays After Divorce

Your first Holiday season newly divorce can be very difficult for you, your children, and even your ex. Emotions are on the rise, traditions will be different, and certain members of the family will be absent. There are so many variables and moving parts during the holidays that it makes preparing difficult. Emotions that you

17 Tips For Successful Co-Parenting

Co-Parenting with EX can be extremely difficult for some and seamless for others. This is not how you pictured it, this not what you wanted, and it is not ideal…. But there are ways that you can make co-parenting work for you in the best interested of your children. Remember this is someone that YOU

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Avoid using your Children as Pawns in your Divorce

Too many adults divorce because they fail to effectively communicate with each other. They still have to remain in contact with each other though due to the children they have results from that marriage. It is very important to avoid using your children as pawns in your divorce though. Too many people do it, and

Additional Expenses to Consider for your Children when you are Divorced

The expenses for caring for children continue to rise, and that doesn’t make it any easier for divorced parents. Each it attempting to keep their own household going. At the same time they often try to share expenses for their children. One of the parents should have both medical and dental coverage on the children.

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Parenting Through Divorce

Parenting in general can be difficult. When you are dealing with divorce, parenting can be that much harder. How do I tell my kids? What is the best schedule for them? How to we make the transition easier for them? How can I support them through this difficult time? Remember they did not chose this,

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Custody: Working Through The Battles

Are you in a heated custody battle? Do you question if spending time with their father is important to children? Far too often we see fathers denied access to their children. One of the most difficult aspects is that yes, fathers are different than mothers. They have a more difficult time filling the mother role,

I’ve Decided to Divorce. Now What?

Making the decision to get a divorce isn’t easy. You’ve built your lives together, invested so many years into the relationship and perhaps even added children to the equation. It certainly isn’t something that should be taken lightly. If you’ve reached this point, you’re likely to be feeling understandably confused and even anxious about the

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Blending a Family

Blending a family can be a very delicate process, and many times if not done properly can cause years of conflict. There are many factors that determine how to move forward with blending a family. For example, if there are children on both sides, if the children are older or younger, what the current access

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7 Ways To Support Your Children Through Divorce

It may no longer be taboo, but it still hurts. Can divorce be what is best? Yes! BUT the reality is that many divorces end with pain, anger and hostility. When this happens the children are thrown into the middle of a battle that they did not choose. Always remember, this is not what they

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