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What is the Clarity Approach?

Clarity is here to help simplify things for you—and hopefully, remove some of your burden.

Our mediation specialists offer support and guidance including:

  • Helping you understand your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Developing legal agreements (regarding custody, division of assets, and more)
  • Filing paperwork on your behalf
  • Identifying ways you and your spouse can both move forward—in the most cost-effective and emotionally healthy way possible
  • Ultimately, Clarity’s goal is to help keep you both out of the courtroom (which can be very costly). Mediation can help ensure all parties come out successful on the other side of a separation or divorce—without going through litigation.

At Clarity we believe that the process of separation can be simple, quick, and far less expensive that the alternatives. We work with you towards your goals so that you come out of the other side with your finances, emotions, and dignity still intact.

What makes us different?

Clarity uses a simple team approach to make sure that all aspects of the separation are taken into consideration. We work with YOU as part of our team to ensure that both parties move in the direction or positivity and equality.

What is the Clarity Process?

With Clarity, it is simple. Here how we structure our mediation services to best serve you.

Mediation is the process by which a Mediator works with you both to negotiate the terms of your separation and produces a legally binding document outlining those negotiations and agreements. Mediation is much more time and cost effective than the alternative of litigation (where you would each retain a lawyer).

 STEP #1. Individual Consultations.

This is the first step where you both schedule a consultation individually. This gives each of you the opportunity to meet with the mediator and discuss any potential issues, ask questions, address any concerns and understand the process.

This is of great benefit as it does assist the mediation process to go somewhat smoother as the mediator has to opportunity to assess where the potential difficulties may arise and where the triggers may cause conflict.

In addition, during your consultation your mediator will discuss any forms or information that they may need for the process. Once you have completed the consultations you will then move into the mediation process. There is a one-time fee each for the consultations.

STEP #2. Mediation.

Once you have completed your consultations the mediator will then schedule your mediation. With mediation, you would both attend the session where the mediator will discuss all aspects of your separation. The mediator will assist you both in negotiating the terms of your separation including but not limited to custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of assets and debts, household items, pension divisions and so on.

Mediation is charged by the hour and will take as long as is necessary for all avenues of the separation to be negotiated and agreed upon.

The mediator will be able to assist you both with building an agreement that will outline how your separation will proceed including future decisions. Once everything has been negotiated and agreed upon the mediator will draft up an agreement. You will have the opportunity to review the agreement and make changes.

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to seek independent legal advice (ILA) if you so wish but this is not entirely necessary. Once the agreement is complete all parties will sign it and that completes the process. You are now legally separated, but not divorced.

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