Family Support

The services below are for you if:
  • You and your spouse are at any stage of separation or divorce (from considering it, all the way through post-divorce), or
  • One of you is remarrying, has remarried, is moving in with a new partner, or has already moved in with a new partner


  • There has been a great deal of conflict or negativity in your family/families as a result
Family Support Services - Clarity Divorce

Is your family in turmoil due to your separation, divorce, or new relationship?

Separation, divorce and new relationships can have an incredible impact on all family members—especially children.

For example:

  • Your child may be acting out since you announced you are separating or divorcing.
  • You and your ex-spouse may be arguing about co-parenting methods or co-habitation since your mediated separation agreement was drafted.
  • Or you may be experiencing a lot of conflict in your household since you blended families with your new partner.

At Clarity, we are committed to making your family situation as amicable and child-focused as possible. As such, we are here to:

  • Listen to all affected family members
  • Identify and communicate all perspectives
  • Develop solutions for moving forward in a positive way
It all starts with a Consultation.

Meeting with you face-to-face, a Clarity professional will:

  • Review your family situation
  • Listen to what you and other family members want out of the situation
  • Help you understand how the family law system may affect your situation

Each consultation takes approximately one hour. Our consultations can be done with you and family members individually, or together.

From there, we may suggest the following options:

Couples mediation

Mediation sessions between you and your spouse (or ex-spouse) can take place before or after a separation; or even years after a divorce. Clarity mediators can help create or update mediated separation agreements, settlement agreements, co-habitation and co-parenting agreements; and complete and file divorce paperwork on your behalf. Learn more about mediation here.

Family mediation

Our mediators can meet with families as a unit, to create solutions around co-parenting, co-habitation, and blending families. Learn more about mediation here.

Child and youth support

When it comes to separation, divorce, or blending families, children and youth often get lost in the shuffle; or filter or hide what they are thinking and feeling. Through private one-on-one sessions, a Clarity Child and Youth Counsellor will explore your child’s or teen’s feelings, offer strategies for dealing with those feelings, help them engage in a dialogue with you, and speak on their behalf if necessary. Learn more about Clarity’s Child and Youth Support services here. 


Clarity provides counselling for individuals and family members dealing with emotional trauma related to separation, divorce or new relationships. Meet our caring team members here.


Clarity offers several workshops to help you communicate more effectively with your spouse, navigate through a separation, learn how to parent through divorce, and more. Check out our latest workshops here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family mediation

  • Family mediation is the process by which a mediator works with a family in whole to work through various familial disputes.
  • Family mediation can take place with all members of the family, with parent and child, with only the members who are having difficulty, or in any other format that is needed in order to assist in resolving the conflict that exists. The mediator will generally meet with each member of the family individually at first, and then request a session with all members involved in the conflict. The number of hours or sessions necessary is always dependant on the number of people involved and the level of conflict.

Yes, mediation can be an effective tool when working through difficulties during divorce. If there are disputes or difficulties that arise between children, or between a child and parent, mediation can be a tool used to work to come to common ground.

Mediation can be extremely effective is working through child support disputes, family disputes, financial disputes, and decision-making disputes. Child support mediation and financial mediation are generally part of the original mediation process, but we understand that circumstances change, and you may need to renegotiate these terms.

Child support mediation is the process by which clients work through all disputes that originate from the discussion around child support. Although relatively black and white, sometimes there are disputes around child support and can be a sticking point for many. Clarity works with many of our clients to work through these difficulties to come to a peaceful resolution.

Financial mediation, aside from custody and access, tends to be the most difficult part of the separation process. Financial mediation in divorce is almost always necessary as it is imperative that all aspects be negotiated and agreed upon in order for the family to move forward. At Clarity we have assisted thousands of clients work through the financial aspect of the separation to come to a resolution that works for all parties.

** Family mediation, child support mediation, and financial mediation can be separate and at times all be part of the whole mediation for divorce process. In general, for a separation, the mediator will work through all financial aspects including, but not limited to, child support, custody, access, future decision making, equalization and matrimonial home.


It all starts with a Consultation
Contact Clarity today to learn how we can simplify the separation or divorce process for you. We look forward to helping you.
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