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When to Consider Divorce Mediation Services

The mediation process should begin at the commencement of your separation for many reasons. People often wait until they are dividing assets, selling/buying houses, or making other big life changes  to start the mediation process. The problem with this is any financial institutions (bank, investments), mortgage brokers, and lenders will request a professionally drafted mediated separation agreement. That is where a professional mediator comes in.

How Can I Get a Mediated Separation Agreement in Ontario?

The agreement you will receive at the completion of your mediation process is a legally binding document that will lay out everything that you have agreed to now and in the future. This is the most important document for your separation.  

To get a mediated separation agreement, each individual party will start with a consultation. These are one-on-one meetings with the mediator. This gives everyone an opportunity to discuss any potential issues, ask questions, address any concerns, and understand the process.

The consultations allow the mediator to assess where the potential difficulties may arise, which makes the entire process much smoother.

After the consultations, the mediator will schedule the first session. Both parties will attend and the mediator will discuss all aspects of your separation. They will help you to negotiate the terms of your separation including, but not limited to: 

  • Parenting time
  • Access
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Household items
  • Pension divisions

Once everything has been negotiated and agreed upon, your mediator will draft up an agreement. You will have the opportunity to review it and make changes. In addition, you have the choice to take this agreement to a lawyer of your choosing to be reviewed. This is called independent legal advice. It is not mandatory. 

Once the agreement is drafted and agreed upon, all parties will sign it. That completes the process.

All mediators at Clarity Divorce are able to draft your mediated separation agreement. They will do so once they are satisfied that they have received all of the necessary documentation and information and that everything has been discussed and agreed upon by all involved parties.

It all starts with a Consultation
Contact Clarity today to learn how we can simplify the separation or divorce process for you. We look forward to helping you.

What is the Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Couples Counselling?

Unlike counselling, mediation can be used at any stage in the relationship breakdown: before, during, and even after. 

A mediator will work with everyone involved to find a solution that fits everyone’s needs. They will help you develop ideas and solutions that are fair and reasonable to all parties involved.

If You Need Help Navigating Your Separation, You’re in the Right Spot

Is your marriage on its last legs? Whether it’s been a slow leadup to the end or something catastrophic happened, something is telling you it’s time to get out. But if you have kids or shared property, things can be a little challenging.

Like most people, you probably have many thoughts running through your mind:

  • How can we co-parent?
  • How can we split our assets?
  • Are the kids going to be affected by this?
  • How am I going to recover after this? 
As a team of divorce mediators and specialists, we can help you make sense of what’s to come. Our team has seen it all, so we are capable of helping you navigate this next chapter of your life.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Ontario?

Mediation provides an economically feasible alternative to retaining legal representation. 

Also, if you have retained lawyers, but feel they are representing your case inadequately, mediation is a highly sought-after alternative.

Initial consultation: $180 plus HST each for one hour

Mediation: $250/hour

Mediated separation agreement: $1,500–$2,500

It Can Be Difficult to Determine How to Announce Your Separation to Your Family

Family mediation may be the thing you need to help your family understand your decision. 

You can choose to participate with all members of your family, with you and your children, with only the members who are having difficulty, or any other format that will help to resolve the conflict. The mediator will usually meet with each member of the family one-on-one before requesting a session with all members involved in the conflict.

There is no set time frame for this process. The number of hours or sessions is dependent on the number of people involved and the level of conflict.

If You Need Help Dividing Your Assets and Finances, Financial Mediation is For You

Making sure things are divided fairly is often one of the most challenging parts of a divorce or separation. In divorces, it is almost always necessary because ensuring that all assets are negotiated and divided fairly is crucial for your ability to move forward. 

We have helped thousands of clients in your position work through the financial aspect of their separation to come to a resolution that works for everyone.

In most separations, the mediator will work through all financial aspects including, but not limited to, child support, custody, access, future decision making, equalization, and matrimonial home.

Starting the Mediation Process Doesn’t Have to be Complicated. Let Clarity Divorce Show You the Clear Path.

  1. Schedule an individual consultation for all involved parties. You can choose a virtual session or visit in-person at our Ottawa west or east end locations. 
  2. Once the consultation is complete, schedule a mediation. This service is charged by the hour and will take as long as is necessary for all avenues of the separation to be negotiated and agreed upon.
  3. After everything has been negotiated and agreed upon, the mediator will draft up an agreement. You will have the opportunity to review the agreement and make changes. Once the agreement is complete all parties will sign it and that completes the process.
  4. Once you have been separated for a year, Clarity can even assist you with your divorce papers!

No Matter How Bad Your Situation May Seem, Our Team of Divorce Mediators Can Help You Reach a Peaceful Resolution

No one gets married with the intent to separate. 

Sometimes relationships run their course. Dealing with the emotional stress that comes with this is hard. Worrying about your family structure, finances, and assets shouldn’t be an added stress.

Let the Clarity Divorce team work with you and everyone involved to reach a resolution that works for all parties.

Questions About Mediation

Mediation is used to come to a peaceful resolution with another party through the whole process of a separation, from start to finish.

The mediator acts an as “independent” and will work with you to find solutions that best fit all parties’ needs. As a neutral third-party process, mediation creates a safe and confidential environment that encourages negotiation, ideas and solutions.


Mediation can be used at many stages through a separation, divorce or relationship breakdown—whether, before, during or after.

At Clarity, you both attend a mediation session, where the mediator (a neutral party) will discuss all aspects of your separation. The mediator will help you both in negotiating the terms of your separation, including (but not limited to):
  • Custody and access
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets and debts, household items, pension etc.
The mediator will help you both with building an agreement outlining how your separation will proceed, including future decisions. Once everything has been negotiated and agreed upon, the mediator will draft up an agreement. You will both have the opportunity to review the agreement and make changes before signing. At Clarity, mediation can also be used for parent-child conflicts—for example, if your child or teen is having difficulty dealing with their family situation and needs a third party to help explain their perspective.

A separation agreement sets out in a legal document many important decisions regarding division of assets, division of debts, child support, and spousal support.

You can; however, we very strongly encourage you to involve a professional in the writing of your agreement. Here’s why:

  • A separation agreement is the single-most important document of the entire separation process. This is the document you will need to follow for the next several years of your life. Therefore, it is important that you both know your rights and what you are entitled to.
  • Even if you and your spouse are on the same page now, things may change—and you don’t want to end up in a very messy situation later on.
  • Also, if you do your own agreement, it is not legally binding in court. This may cause several issues for you when trying to divide assets, as not all parties accept self-written agreements (like mortgage brokers and banks etc.).

As such, we very strongly encourage you to involve a professional in the writing of your agreement.

Yes, in a vast majority of cases, the mediation process does result in the drafting of a mediated separation agreement. While the mediation may take 2-3 sessions, the process carefully moves our clients to a place of “yes”: a scenario where they feel they were heard and that their needs and interests were effectively managed.


We recommend mediation first. It is less expensive, and the process is less time-consuming and less adversarial. Plus, you may be able to find a solution through a mediator, without involving a lawyer at all.


You do not need to hire lawyers; however, you may choose to have your agreement reviewed by a lawyer. We can advise you of your options, based on your unique situation.


You certainly can. Simply put, a divorce is just paperwork; a lawyer is not necessary for getting a divorce. One of our Clarity professionals can write up the documents on your behalf.


Mediation provides an economically feasible alternative to retaining legal representation.

Also, if you have retained lawyers, but feel they are representing your case inadequately, mediation is a highly sought-after alternative.


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