Post Divorce Mediation

What is post divorce mediation?

This generally refers to mediation that takes place after you have gone through the whole separation process. For example, if you have been separated and even maybe divorced, you have an agreement in place but you are struggling with a few items in the agreement or circumstances have changes and you are having difficulty coming to a resolution, post divorce mediation would be what you are looking for.

When can mediation be used after divorce?

Mediation can be used for a number of circumstances after divorce. Here are a few:
  • You have an agreement but changes need to be made.
  • Your circumstances have changed, and you need to re-negotiate what is in your agreement.
  • You are having a dispute with the other party and cannot come to an agreement.
  • You are struggling to co-parent with the other parent.
  • You have trouble communicating with the other parent.
  • There are decisions to be made but you are not on the same page as the other parent.
  • One parent is not adhering to the agreement due to a dispute.
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