Relationship Clarity

Our Relationship Clarity services are for you if:
  • You’re questioning the state of your marriage or common-law relationship
  • You’re not sure whether to stay together with your spouse, or to separate/divorce
  • You’re at your breaking point where “either we’re getting help, or we’re breaking up”
  • You want to know your options for staying together, and/or for separation and divorce
Relationship Clarity Services - Clarity Divorce

Are you struggling with the decision to separate, divorce, or stay together?

Deciding whether to stay or split from your spouse can be emotionally draining, complicated and stressful.

Clarity is here to help you sort through all that confusion.

Based on your specific situation, needs and concerns, we can provide you with options, resources and education for moving forward.

Ultimately, we give you the information and insights you need to make decisions with confidence—for you and your family.

It all starts with a Relationship Assessment.

Not sure what to do about your relationship?

A Relationship Assessment is exactly as it sounds. Basically, you and/or your spouse:

  • Speak with a Clarity expert (a neutral third party) about your current relationship
  • Get an unbiased perspective on where your relationship may be heading
  • Learn your options for moving forward

Each Relationship Assessment takes approximately one hour. Our consultations can be done with you and your spouse individually, or together.

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After the Relationship Assessment, we may suggest options including:


If you choose to stay together, we will refer you and your spouse to one of our counsellors—so you can work on your communication and move forward. Meet our counsellors here.


Clarity offers several workshops to help you communicate more effectively with your spouse, navigate through a separation, learn how to parent through divorce, and more. Check out our latest workshops here.


If you decide to separate or divorce, Clarity offers solutions-oriented mediation services to help you, your spouse and family move forward in the most cost-effective and emotionally healthy way possible. Learn more here.
It all starts with a Relationship Assessment
Not sure what to do about your relationship? Book a face-to-face consultation with Clarity for a Relationship Assessment.
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