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Financial matters are one of the primary concerns for couples who have decided to divorce or separate. Child support payments and spousal support can help each partner avoid economic hardship caused by the breakdown of the relationship and ensure that the children’s needs are met.

Child Support Payments

Child support payments help cover the costs of raising a dependent child. Generally, payments are made from the parent who spends the least time with the child to the parent who takes care of the child most of the time. These payments usually continue until the child turns 18.

If you’re a married couple getting divorced, federal support guidelines and laws apply. If you and the other parent were in a common-law relationship or are married but separated, provincial or territorial child support guidelines and laws apply.

When a child support agreement has been reached, it’s important these payments are made or it could damage his or her credit score and make it harder to rent a property, find employment or get credit.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is a payment made from one partner to another after a divorce or separation. Eligibility is decided on a range of factors including child custody, economic hardship, how long the relationship lasted, the role of each partner in the relationship, and so on.

For married couples who are getting divorced, federal law and guidelines apply. For couples who were in a common-law relationship or married couples who are separated but not divorced, provincial and territorial laws and guidelines apply. Spousal support is not paid in Quebec.

Child support

Spousal support

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