Separation and Divorce Services

The services below are for you if:

  • You and your spouse have decided to separate and/or divorce
  • You have no idea how to start the process of separation and/or divorce
  • You need help making important custody and financial decisions
  • You want help drafting and submitting separation/divorce documents
  • You would like to involve lawyers/courtrooms as little as possible in the process
Separation and Divorce Services - Clarity Divorce

Are you separating or divorcing—and need help through the process?

Going through a separation or divorce can be so confusing, not to mention emotionally draining.

Clarity is here to help simplify things for you—and hopefully, remove some of your burden.

Our mediation specialists offer support and guidance including:

  • Helping you understand your legal rights and responsibilities
  • Developing legal agreements (regarding custody, division of assets, and more)
  • Filing paperwork on your behalf
  • Identifying ways you and your spouse can both move forward—in the most cost-effective and emotionally healthy way possible

Ultimately, Clarity’s goal is to help keep you both out of the courtroom (which can be very costly). Mediation can help ensure all parties come out successful on the other side of a separation or divorce—without going through litigation.

Learn more about the mediation process here.

It all starts with a Consultation.

You know you need help. But you may not quite know where to start—or even what you need.

That’s where our consultations come in. Meeting with you face-to-face, a Clarity mediator will:

  • Review your situation
  • Listen to what you want out of the separation and/or divorce
  • Help you understand how the family law system affects your situation

Each consultation takes approximately one hour. Our consultations can be done with you and your spouse individually, or together.

2 people signing contract - Clarity Divorce

From there, we may suggest the following options:


Mediation sessions can take place before or after a separation; or even years after a divorce. Clarity mediators can help create mediated separation agreements, settlement agreements, co-habitation agreements; and complete and file divorce paperwork on your behalf. Learn more about mediation here.


Clarity provides counselling for individuals and families dealing with emotional trauma related to separation or divorce. Meet our caring team members here.


Clarity offers several workshops to help you communicate more effectively with your spouse, navigate through a separation, learn how to parent through divorce, and more. Check out our latest workshops here.


Mediation can be very successful in resolving things outside the courtroom—and is therefore recommended as a first step. That said, there are some cases that require legal intervention. If it appears mediation is not working, Clarity may recommend seeking litigation.

It all starts with a Consultation
Contact Clarity today to learn how we can simplify the separation or divorce process for you. We look forward to helping you.
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