Meet our Mediators: Catherine Corey

Catherine Corey

Catherine Corey is a trailblazer, leadership and life strategist, educator, family mental wellness advocate, speaker and relationship coach. She is a mother, step-mother, and grandmother.

Overwhelmed by life as a child, Catherine embarked on a journey to discover, learn and share tools and skills that would change loss, and pain to opportunities for growth and prosperity in all her relationships.

The Sexual Assault Support Centre recommended she open her own coaching business and Spiritwalk was founded in 1998.  Catherine’s practice included trauma recovery,  divorce recovery and children with behaviour challenges.

In 2006, her teenage son had his first psychosis episode, becoming his advocate she struggled to navigate the mental health and addiction system.  Discouraged by the experts and the lack of recovery orientated resources she became a member of the Family Advisory Committee for the Addictions and Mental Health Network.  Her leadership led to the development of an invaluable and badly needed resource: “From Rollercoaster to Recovery” a guide to help navigate the local addictions and mental health system, Recovery Connections and Recovery Academy.

Catherine’s determination to keep hope alive and to provide opportunities for others to learn from her challenges, failures and heartache led to many recovery pathways for her son and others.

Catherine’s niche has changed over the years, her principles have not.  She started with sexual assault/abuse survivors as she inspired hope with her own recovery.  Her understanding of human emotions provides the knowledge and skill set to assist adults and children learn methods to regulate their emotions. Her experience of her own personal divorces led to her early collaboration with Clarity Divorce Centre. Each of these niches has provided learning and insight into the many stressors that can contribute to the development of mental illness and addiction issues.  Catherine is now in a unique position to offer assistance to parents to help their children change their lives.  She listens without judgment and responds to the needs of her clients, where they are, supporting, coaching, educating and guiding as needed.

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