The Clarity Team

Meet the Clarity team.

Every one of us is passionate about what we do: helping people make important decisions and deal with emotional turmoil due to a separation, divorce, or relationship breakdown.

In addition to us mentioned below, we also have a large and strong network of professionals who we refer to and/or bring in to help you, including (but not limited to):

  • Therapists
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants, financial advisors and money coaches

And we do it all under one roof.

Tara Vargas Nicol

Tara Vargas Nicol

With a passion for resolving conflict in a peaceful way, Tara specializes in all kinds of mediation including negotiation, third-party neutral training, deep-rooted conflict (family and community), and behavioural analysis.

Tara believes the root of all conflict is misunderstanding and lack of communication around individual deep-rooted needs. As such, she is committed to providing people with a safe, solutions-oriented environment to speak their needs, thereby facilitating resolution.

Prior to joining Clarity, Tara experienced her own marriage breakdown years ago. During that time, she came to realize how lonely and complex it is to navigate through a separation in terms of understanding her legal rights and dealing with the emotional pain.

Today, Tara is committed to helping families learn how to effectively move through and forward after a relationship breakdown—and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Diane Valiquette

Diane Valiquette

Diane founded The Separation and Divorce Resource Centre in 2004 to help clients dealing with divorce, separation or a relationship crisis. In doing so, she created one of the first organizations in Canada providing interdisciplinary family-based services all under one roof. Most recently, she has joined forces with Clarity.

Like so many others, Diane herself has faced multiple trials and tribulations while working through the difficult transition resulting from a broken relationship. Today, she uses her experience to help others.

Diane has provided relationship consulting for more than a decade, having studied with Dr. Bruce Fisher—a pioneer in divorce recovery and author of Rebuilding When A Relationship Ends.

Diane is the creator of the flagship “Rebuilding Relationships” workshop series, provided throughout Ottawa. A dynamic speaker and go-to expert on separation, divorce and rebuilding relationships, Diane has been featured in the Ottawa Sun, The Weekly Journal, 1310 Radio and Rogers Daytime. She has also been a guest speaker at events including the Ottawa Women’s Show.

Tarah Sly

Tarah Sly

As Clarity’s Child and Youth Program Director and Counsellor, Tarah is dedicated to providing her clients with the emotional support they need—and helping them make the changes they wish to see in their lives.

With a career spanning education, residential treatment, mental health and youth justice, Tarah has spent many years counselling children and youth through their toughest moments—including separation, divorce, and blending families.

Coming from a divorce background herself, Tarah’s own personal experience as a “child of divorce” provides her with a profound insight and ability to understand her young clients’ vulnerabilities and difficulties.

Tarah believes that building a positive relationship with her clients is essential for the development of trust and collaboration. The children and youth who work with Tarah have a voice—and she encourages them to set goals, make choices, and feel empowered throughout their journey.